Sunday, November 8, 2015

Gerhard Altzenbach Gallery

And here he is, your host, that Master of the Macabre, the Epitome of Evil, the most sinister man to crawl across the face of the earth... no, sorry. That was Larry Vincent, aka Seymour. He was a local TV personality from my youth. Gerhard Altzenbach, (active 1609-1672), however, was also a master of the macabre. He produced many works of devotional art in the 1600s. Below are nine of my favorites, more or less closely connected with the themes of Tarot.

Death Personified

Allegorical Nobles with Heaven and Hell

Ranks of Mankind on Staged Podium, with Death
Child and Fool shown outside the Ranks of Man

Plague Doctor

Devotional Print with Madonna della Misericordia
Protecting the Ranks of Man incl. Emperor and Pope

The 10 Ages of Man, with Death

Dance of Death: Ranks from Fool through Emperor and Pope
Economy of Salvation: The Fall, Christ's Redeeming Death, Heaven, and Hell

The Economy of Salvation
The Fall (2 pics); Life of Christ (33! pics); Last Judgment (1 pic)

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