Saturday, June 13, 2009

Haiku for David

Do nothing you wouldn't
    want to be caught dead doing.
Memento mori.

John Carradine's advice: "Never do anything
you wouldn't be caught dead doing."


  1. Very good, in a very sad way. I still suspect foul "play". Only because he was "in a closet".

    Partner escaped through the window?

    Dead men tell no tales.
    But those who discover them
    May tell a thousand.

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  3. I'm so inept at this thing. Let me try again:

    LOL -- rejecting the obvious (and even predictable) in favor of a more dramatic narrative... you should be a Tarotist!

    My favorite story -- so far -- is the one floated by an attorney, that he was killed by an assassin on behalf of some secret society. Anyone with that shameless and creative a fantasy life should be writing for Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck.


  4. Michael, Michael, Michael.

    If we listened to everything our parents taught us we'd be "Seen and not heard" and "Not saying anything at all if we can't say anything nice"... you've obviously not followed the advice, why should David?


    I think the whole thing is terribly sad, and if there was a secret plot, I'm sure it was planned, (as they have been throughout history), by the ECC (Evil Catholic Church).

  5. He probably was likked by the same people who killed Bruce Lee.


  6. I'm thinking that he was done in by the same guy who killed Jon-Erik Hexum -- that inscrutable stranger in the mirror. Some are stranger than others.

    Jon-Erik Hexum


  7. Wow Michael,

    Cover Up... That is quite an obscure reference! worth of you!


  8. Then you have all those who have died by catching a bullet -or by not catching it- on stage.

    Kia Khan Khruse, 1818
    De Linsky,1820
    "Torrini" De Grisy, 1826
    Dr. Epstein, 1869
    De Line, 1890
    The Great Herrmann, 1890
    Michael Hatal, 1899
    "Bosco" Blumenfeld, 1906
    Edvin Lindberg)
    Chung Ling Soo, 1918

    A few of them became famous by impersonating Chinese people. I detect a pattern there...


  9. Hmmm... Bablefish didn't help me out much with that:

    Capital possible couple arriving at nobility in 每 private life, 這 些 nobility non- fixed true invaluable and other possible right 陌 raw person, 也 possible right 你 mark enemy person.

    However, I certainly can't disagree with that.


  10. Hmmm... Bablefish tried:

    Good sentence, territory receiving Ryo! Thanking/apologizing thanking/apologizing!